How do I become a member of BSI Seiling?

To become a member you have to register here. This is also where you pay the membership fee.

What does it cost to join?

See our membership fees here.

Who can join?

Both students and non-students are welcome to join BSI Seiling. We welcome sailors at all levels.

When is the beginners’ course?

The beginners’ course is held at the beginning of each semester, usually in late August for the autumn term, and in March for the spring term. Please see our membership page for details!

What is the fee of the beginners’ course?

The beginners’ course is free, but it requires that you have payed the membership fee.

What do I learn at the beginners’ course?

The beginners’ course is an introduction to what sailing is all about. It consists of two hours of theory in a classroom where you learn the terms used in sailing and get an introduction to the basic principles of sailing. It further consists of 2 x 2.5 hours practice on the fjord – because it’s out on the fjord you really learn how to sail. Learning by doing. In these practical sessions you will be with a skipper from the club and four other beginners.

Where do I find the slides from the beginner’s course?

You can download the slides from the beginners course here (2019).

Where are the boats located? How do I get to the harbour?

Our boats are at Merkur harbour (see map) at Laksevåg, just 5-6 minutes from the city with bus 16, 17 or 19. It leaves from Olav Kyrres Gate, get off at the stop Carl Konows Gate for bus 19 or Laksevåg Kirke if you are taking 16 or 17. There are buses that leave every 5-10 minutes most times of the day. There are more buses you can take and walk from the Gyldenpris bus stop. Go to to see the best travel option for you.

How do I get out on the fjord (after the beginners’ course)?

If you want to go sailing you can check in the sail plan which skipper is set up to sail on which day. Then you contact the skipper directly. You can find contact information for all the skippers here.
Usually is it okay to contact the skipper one or two days in advance, but right after the beginners’ course and during periods of good weather it may be a good idea to contact the skipper a bit earlier. It is the skipper’s decision how many people he or she takes.

How do I become a skipper in BSI Seiling?

You will need to sign up as regular member first. When you have become comfortable with our boats, you can contact the skipper manager. He or she will schedule a “checkout” with an experienced skipper, to prove that you are ready to be a skipper. Read more about responsibilities and advantages of being a skipper under “experienced sailors who would like to become skippers”.

How should I dress for sailing?

It is often colder on the fjord than in the city center, even when the weather is nice. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear warm clothes. It is better to take off a jumper if you get too hot than be freezing during the whole trip. In summer time is it often enough with a warm sweater and windproof outerwear, but spring and autumn are often cold. A good rule is to have woollen underwear, then a layer of insulating clothing (e.g. fleece) and outer waterproof and windproof jacket and trousers. Rubber boots are often a good idea, as well as woollen socks, a hat, scarf and gloves.

Do I need to bring my own life jacket?

No, we have life jackets.