Additional rules due to Covid-19 

Last updated 18.05.2021

  • Member sailings are open, with a maximum of 4 per boat (including the skipper). Individual skippers can decide to set a lower limit on their sailings.
  • The crew must maintain a distance of 1 meter from each other at all times, unless there is an urgent need to be closer (for example if sailing in challenging conditions and needing to help another sailor with a rope or the tiller). The crew should also use the hand sanitizer which is inside each boat, both at the start and end of sailing.
  • The boat can now be used multiple times per day, by different crews. 
  • Anyone feeling sick, is in quarantine or living with someone in quarantine must not participate in sailings.
  • Skippers are permitted to take the boats out on private sailings, as long as they follow local COVID-19 regulations.

Club Rules

Last updated 01.01.2020

  • BSI Seiling is a student organization that also welcomes non-students.
  • All members must follow instructions given by the skipper at all times, both on land and on the boat.
  • All members are responsible for not putting themselves or other peoples in danger while they are sailing.
  • All members must meet on time for the sailing sessions they have signed up for. If a member is running late or no longer can participate on a sailing session, the member is responsible for contacting the skipper as soon as possible.
  • All members have to behave in a way that is not aggressive or offensive to the other members of the club.
  • All members must follow the harbour rules. All members must avoid to behave in a way that can affect BSI Seilings reputation and good relationship to the harbour.
  • By being a member you give the right to the club to publish your full name and phone number in the sailing plan.

If a member repeatedly or seriously misbehaves according to our club rules, the board of BSI Seiling has a right to withdraw his/hers membership (by voting).