Due to Covid-19, there is currently no planned trip

The RAN-weekend is BSI-seilings biannual social weekend of sailing, fishing, eating and having fun at the RAN Sailing Club on Sotra. We rent a cabin there where we get to hang out, have barbecue and beer, and get to know fellow members of BSI Sailing. This is also a great opportunity for beginners to practice on some maneuvers out in the fjord.

Due to limited sleeping space on the cabin we limit the the number of participants to around 30.

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How to get there

One can either sail with one of our boats leaving Friday afternoon from our dock at Merkur båtforening, or take the bus. The sail time will take about two hours or more. The Bus 445 leaves from Bergen Bystajonen to Anglevik Snuplass. To find out when you should take the bus, take a look at skyss.no.

What to bring in addition to ordinary clothing

• Water- and windproof clothing and rubber boots
• Warm underwear and woollen socks
• Gloves, hat and scarf
• Warm sweater
• Sleeping bag, towel and a mat/inflatable mattress if you have (there are beds with pillows and duvets, but not for all)
• Fishing pole and other fishing equipment if you have
• Food for breakfast and lunch Saturday and Sunday (we will have some lunch available, but bring food yourself too)
• Alcoholic or other beverages (enough for the weekend!)
• Your preferred music and games, speakers if you have
• Swimwear (if the weather is good, or not)


Dinner will be served on Friday and Saturday. Bring your own food for breakfast and lunch for Saturday and Sunday. Bring whatever drinks you would prefer (make sure to bring enough beverages of your preference for the whole weekend). The cabin has a kitchen, but it is simple equipped and has no stove.

Please let those who prefer not to party but instead go to bed early to be fit for sailing the next day have beds in the attic. One can also go comfortably to sleep in one of the boats.

How to have a nice trip? Participate! Don’t be afraid to join in the games or to talk to others, sailors tend to be very nice people. Take initiative! If anyone has any ideas for fun stuff we can do (quizzes, games etc.), let us know!

We are all looking forward to seeing you! 🙂

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