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We are proud of having members of all skill levels in the club. For beginners we have introductory courses and beginner’s sailing. Experienced sailors can enjoy benefits such as using the boats outside of the sailing schedule and joining advanced sailing sessions.

Experienced sailors who would like to become skippers

Next Beginner Course: Autumn 2019

BSI Sailing offers all its members a free sailing course. It’s an unique opportunity for getting an introduction to sailing. The sailing course is held twice a year, once in the autumn and once in the spring semester. Remember to join our Facebook group to stay updated on events.

The course will give a thorough introduction in sailing and consists of a two-hour theoretical part and a practical sailing session on the city fjord. You will be able to sign up for the practical part at the theory course. The sessions will take place in the two-three weeks following the theoretical course. There, you will learn about how to prepare the boat for sailing, what the functions of all the different ropes are, and how to maneuver at sea. Each sailing will consist of an experienced skipper and up to five beginners acting as the boat’s crew.

PLEASE NOTE: Proof of payment has to be shown at the theory course in order to be able to sign up for beginner sailing sessions – either have the receipt e-mail on your smartphone or print it out!

After the beginner’s course, you have of course not yet learned everything, that’s why you can sign up for the daily member’s sailings throughout the semester at no extra cost.

Becoming a member is simple – just fill in the PAYMENT FORM. By signing up, you consent to our club rules.
Club rules
It is NOT possible to use regular bank transfer or any other payment method – please contact us if you have problems with your payment. The membership fee is non-refundable.
We strongly encourage all beginners to take the theory course before going out on the fjord.

Membership type Valid until August 2019
Students 750 kr
Non-students & PhD students 950 kr
(Active) Skippers 150 kr
Board Members 100 kr

Any questions? Send us an e-mail at or a Facebook message!