The club membership of BSI Seiling is an annual membership with an annual fee, being renewed the 1st of August every year. New memberships are charged the full membership fee at any point of the year*. 

New members must take the beginners course when joining. Beginner courses are held in August and March/April every year. In practice, this means the club is only open for new members at the point of the Beginner Courses.

Experienced sailors might join the club at other times.

The Spring 2022 semester beginner course have already been held, we do not accept any new members until the autumn semester. Please follow our Facebook page for updated information and news.

If you have prior sailing experience and would like to join, you can do so at any time of year without needing to take the course. Please send us an email or a message through Facebook.

*Members registered in June and July get the fee for these months refunded if the membership is renewed in August (14 months for the price of 12).