Become a Member

We are proud of having members of all skill levels in the club. For beginners we have introductory courses and beginner’s sailing. Experienced sailors can enjoy benefits such as using the boats outside of the sailing schedule and joining advanced sailing sessions.

Experienced sailors who would like to become skippers
Each year we need some more skippers to host members sailings. If you’re experienced, responsible and willing to explain and teach sailing to others, you are the person we are looking for. You need to sign up as a regular member first, and need to be staying in Bergen for at least one year.
General requirements and responsibilities:
As a BSI Skipper, you carry the full responsibility for the safety of our boats and crew.
In order take care of safety and ensure that sailing is enjoyable for our members, we set certain standards for your skippers.
A BSI Seiling skipper needs to be able to:
Know sailing and boat handling basics well.
Dock/un-dock under both engine and sail.
Lead a crew that know absolutely nothing about sailing.
Consider which weather conditions you and the boat can handle with the crew that is at hand.
Respond adequately to any situation arising when and where you choose to sail.
Therefore it is important that you know the boat, yourself, the conditions that can arise in the area where you sail, what to do if problems arise and that you are able to communicate well with the crew and run the boat by use of the crew.

Opportunities and duties as a skipper:
As a skipper we will put you on our sailing schedule 1-2 times per month. During the bi-annual beginners course, you are expected to participate as an instructor. In return, you can book our boats anytime for short sails, day trips or longer trips as long as your crew consists of BSI Seiling members.

How to become a skipper:
To become a skipper you need first to be a regular member and sail on our boats to be known with them. Then you can contact Emmanuel, the skipper manager to organise a check out. During the check out, an experienced skipper will go through the boat and sail together with you to see how qualified you are. At the end you’ll get feedback on what to improve to be a skipper. You can already have a look at the checkout list.

Joining the club

BSI Sailing offers all its members a free sailing course. It’s an unique opportunity for getting an introduction to sailing. The sailing course is held twice a year, once in the autumn and once in the spring semester. Remember to join our Facebook group to stay updated on events.

The course will give a thorough introduction in sailing and consists of a two-hour theoretical part and a practical sailing session on the city fjord. You will be able to sign up for the practical part at the theory course. The sessions will take place in the two-three weeks following the theoretical course. There, you will learn about how to prepare the boat for sailing, what the functions of all the different ropes are, and how to maneuver at sea. Each sailing will consist of an experienced skipper and up to five beginners acting as the boat’s crew.

After the beginner’s course, you have of course not yet learned everything, that’s why you can sign up for the daily member’s sailings throughout the semester at no extra cost.


Become a member

By signing up, you consent to our club rules.

Club rules
  • BSI Seiling is a student organization that also welcomes non-students.
  • All members must follow instructions given by the skipper at all times, both on land and on the boat.
  • All members are responsible for not putting themselves or other peoples in danger while they are sailing.
  • All members must meet on time for the sailing sessions they have signed up for. If a member is running late or no longer can participate on a sailing session, the member is responsible for contacting the skipper as soon as possible.
  • All members have to behave in a way that is not agressive or offensive to the other members of the club.
  • All members must follow the harbour rules. All members must avoid to behave in a way that can affect BSI Seilings reputation and good relationship to the harbour.
  • By being a member you give the right to the club to publish your full name and phone number in the sailing plan

If a member repeatedly or seriously misbehaves according to our club rules, the board of BSI Seiling has a right to withdraw his/hers membership (by voting).

It is NOT possible to use regular bank transfer or any other payment method – please contact us if you have problems with your payment. The membership fee is non-refundable, and in joining you acknowledge the risk that sailings may be limited or suspended by local regulations due to Covid-19.

Membership type
Students Full year from August – July: 950kr
Non-students & PhD studentsFull year from August – July: 1300kr
(Active) SkippersFull year August – July: 500kr
Board MembersFull year August – July: 300kr
Contribute with at least 8 hours of maintenance work (registered by maintenance responsible): Get 200 kr back at the end of the year!

Any questions? Send us an e-mail at or a Facebook message!