The club membership of BSI Seiling is an annual membership with an annual fee, being renewed the 1st of August every year. New memberships are charged the full membership fee at any point of the year*. 

New members must take the beginners course when joining. Beginner courses are held in August and March/April every year. Experienced sailors may join the club at any time of year, without taking the course. Please contact us if you are already experienced and wish to join the club.

After you have registered as a new member, please make sure to register for Theory Course (also the start of the Beginner Course), below:

Sign up to the beginner course at this link

Level Price  
Regular Member NOK 1,400 to be paid now, and NOK 1,400 recurring annually the first of August. Select
Student Member NOK 1,050 to be paid now, and NOK 1,050 recurring annually the first of August. Select
Skipper NOK 600 to be paid now, and NOK 600 recurring annually the first of August. Select
Board Member NOK 350 to be paid now, and NOK 350 recurring annually the first of August. Select

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*Members registered in June and July get the fee for these months refunded if the membership is renewed in August (14 months for the price of 12).

It is NOT possible to use regular bank transfer or any other payment method – please contact us if you have problems with your payment.

By signing up, you consent to our club rules.

Club rules
  • BSI Seiling is a student organization that also welcomes non-students.
  • All members must follow instructions given by the skipper at all times, both on land and on the boat.
  • All members are responsible for not putting themselves or other peoples in danger while they are sailing.
  • All members must meet on time for the sailing sessions they have signed up for. If a member is running late or no longer can participate on a sailing session, the member is responsible for contacting the skipper as soon as possible.
  • All members have to behave in a way that is not aggressive or offensive to the other members of the club.
  • All members must follow the harbour rules. All members must avoid to behave in a way that can affect BSI Seilings reputation and good relationship to the harbour.
  • By being a member you give the right to the club to publish your full name and phone number in the sailing plan

If a member repeatedly or seriously misbehaves according to our club rules, the board of BSI Seiling has a right to withdraw his/hers membership (by voting).