The board of BSI Sailing is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Board meets regularly thereafter, and is responsible for all the activities of the club.

The board members of 2017 are:

Role Name
President Vegard Guttormsen
Vice President Manuel Hempel
Treasurer Susanne Mignon Balzer
Maintenance Coordinator Vlad Konoplia
Skipper Manager Anne Morée
Express Boat Manager Tom Langbehn
Delta Boat Manager Eoghan Reeves
Communications Ingrid Nøttveit
Social and events Viktor Svensson
Regatta responsible Erlend Sand

Are you a board member or have expenses you seek to get refunded from the club?
Please write an e-mail to the current cashier. You will receive a link to a folder and document. Fill out this document and scan and upload any receipts associated with it. Any refund has to be claimed within 90 days from date of purchase. We don’t do bank refunds to foreign bank accounts for amounts smaller than 1000 NOK.

Board minutes from annual meetings

Here are the board minutes from former annual meetings.