We have hoodies, caps and books for sale. This is only an offer for our club members and the merchandise is located in the container. To buy an item you need to pay via the link under and ask one of the board members to meet you at the harbor or if a skipper can help you next time you are going sailing (you need to show the receipt when you pick it up). We do not have capacity to send it via mail.

For payment follow this link.

Hoodies – 350 NOK

Comes in S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Caps – 100 NOK


Books – 175 NOK

All books are available in both English and Norwegian

Sail and Rig Tuning – illustrated book by Ivar Dedekam

A concentrated and thoroughly illustrated manual which systematically shows you how to trim your sails and rig. This is an advanced book and we do not necessarily recommend it for beginners. If you are interested in regatta sailing this book has a lot of helpful information.

Seamanship – illustrated book by Ivar Dedekam

Seamanship is the art of managing a boat. Covering knots, docking the boat and anchoring. We recommend this book if you are interested in tour sailing.